New CDSingle Tuesday, December 19,2017
A New Blues CDSingle by KL & R2 

it's that group from the South that's changing the Music-Scene, KL & R2, taking you from the "I Got My Swag On," to that "Low-down dirty Blues," scene, now don't they (KL & R2) have some Great Ball's of Fire? New CDSingle coming-soon this Winter.  KL & R2 is shooting from the hips with this new original blues cut. 
Follow KL & R2 for more infomation on Boogie City Music... KL & R2 is credited with, Lets' Go Party,""I Got My Swag On,"Par-Tae! Get Your Groove On,""Can You Get Away," all on the Quinn Records TM label. Going back to his roots is where KL & R2 is taking us, so let see how this ride is going to go.  I'm gone, see ya when the new CDSingle drop......
Here's what it will sound like, click