GO SLOW-Blues Crossing (Double CD)

GO SLOW-Blues Crossing (Double CD)

GO SLOW-Blues Crossing (Double CD)


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GO SLOW-Blues Crossing Double CD: Featuring LiL Aaron Mosby,James Gilbert, Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore, Mississippi Red,Oliver Johnson,KL&R2,Osee Anderson,Ernie Johnson and Special guest CDS Records Recording Artist Carl Marshall TRACK LISTING FOR GO SLOW BLUES CROSSING (QR121222-1)Double CD

DISC-1 (Blues/Soul/)

1. I Got The Blues Trying To Find Love pt.1, 4:42, Carl Marshall
2. I Got The Blues Trying To Find Love pt.2, 6:10 Carl Marshall
3, Breaking Up Somebodys Home, 7:37, Osee Anderson
4. Woman Want You Dance With Me,3:25, Oliver Johnson
5. Last Night, 7:11 Lil Aaron Mosby
6. Lets Get Into Something,4:24, Melvin Smokehouse Moore
7. Oh Baby You Don't HaveTo Go, 4:18 Lil Aaron Mosby
8. Blues This Morning, 5:46, James Gilbert
9. Send Me Someone To Love, 3:24, Mississippi Red
10. Rainy Night In Georgia, 4:26,James Gilbert

DISC-2 (Blues/Soul/)

1. Loving You, 5:13 Ernie Johnson
2. Broke Man Can't Win, 4:27 Ernie Johnson
3. Next Time You See Me, 8:05 Osee Anderson
4. The Soul of a Man, 4:08 KL&R2
5. Drown In My Own Tears,4:08 KL&R2
6. Stuck In Between, 5:33 Mississippi Red
7. Come Thunder Come Lightning, 4:51 Oliver Johnson
8. S.O.S.,6:18 Prince Ronnie Love
9. Come To Me, 4:10 Melvin Smokehouse Moore
10. Do You Love Me Not, 4:27 Oliver Johnson