SOS by Prince Ronnie Love

SOS by Prince Ronnie Love

SOS by Prince Ronnie Love


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Prince Ronnie Love is debuting his first CD Single titled,"S.O.S"written by Dwight L.Quinn on the Quinn Records TM label. Now making his home in Atlanta Georgia,Prince Ronnie Love  the bluesy,soul groover has captured the attention of Soul music fans all across the Country. S.O.S. is a song about a love affair gone bad,leaving the cheating man caught completely off guard by the unexpected departure of his better-half. Prince does a great vocal job in expressing the big disappointment of this broken relationship. S.O.S. has been spinning quite well in and around Prince's homebase of Atlanta Georgia and across the Southern half of the U.S. and continually growing and gaining Market saturation.

Prince Ronnie Love, "S.O.S." CD Single

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1. S.O.S.,Prince Ronnie Love,written by Dwight L. Quinn

Publisher:D.L.Quinn Music Publishing Company
Label: Quinn Records TM
Release Date: 2010
Vocals,lead;Prince Ronnie Love
Keyboards;Jimmy Wilson,
Lead Guitar;Bobby Jones
Bass Guitar;Fred Davis
Drums:Harry Burke

Produced by: Dwight L. Quinn
Distributed By:Boogie City Music-St.Louis

Born Ronald Dunnigan a fourth generation singer from his Great GrandMother, Ronnie started singing, professional at the tender age of 10,with the Gospel Rising Stars, his Grand fathers & Fathers Quartet, to his Vocal Coaching with renown Opera Tenor John Gittings(Wilmington School Of Music), which landed him an music scholarship, to Shaw
University, to Ollie Woodson's Tempting Temptations, to his much awaited solo career, featuring his Debut "Single" ("WILL YOU MARRY ME").
In 2010 Prince signed with Quinn Records TM as a solo recording artist,debuting his first CD Single titled "S.O.S." QR101229-1 written and produced by
Dwight L. Quinn. S.O.S. is still today one of Prince's top recordings, enjoyed by fans Worldwide.
Prince is by far a talented treasure and he's assured to be an added value to customers and fans, around the world.

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Prince Ronnie Love is sending out an S.O.S.!

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