Jimmy Goes Latin

Jimmy Goes Latin

Jimmy Goes Latin


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QR041126-1> (CD):Jimmy Goes Latin is the last of Jimmy Jones works,before he passed away. An accomplished Jazz Pianist,singer,songwriter and producer Jimmy took great pride in his work as a Jazz performer> Having worked some of the greats in the business Jimmy was well respected for his great vocal talent. Also featured on Jimmy Goes Latin is the late St.Louis saxophonist Oliver Sain and on hammond organ the great Terry Williams, Jimmy Goes Latin has both covered and original songs written and composed by Jimmy and his love for romantic show tunes gave way to songs like,"Fly Me To The Moon," "The Love Song," and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Original songs by Jimmy Jones includes,Our Island of Jamaica,"A Trip To The Islands,""and St.Jazz. Enjoy "Jimmy Goes Latin"CD

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1. Beyond The Sea,Jimmy Jones & Terry Williams, 3:26

2. Fly Me To The Moon,Jimmy Jones(

(writer Bart Howard)

3. Just A Touch(Harlem Noctume).Jimmy Jones,

(writer Earl Hagen,Don Randi) 5:56

4. Aquarius, Jimmy Jones,

(written by: Jerome Ragui,James Rado) 4:44

5. Our Island of Jamaica,written by Jimmy Jones 4:44

6. The Love Song,Jimmy Jones,

(written by Milt Gable,Bert Kaempleif) 5:55

7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You,Jimmy Jones,

(written by Bob Crewe) 5:15

8. Nobody's Business,Jimmy Jones,(Billy Holiday) 5:04

9. Slow-boat To China,Jimmy Jones, 5:00

10. A Trip To The Islands,writer: Jimmy Jones, 4:52

11. St.Jazz,writer: Jimmy Jones, 3:56