You're So Fine by KL&R2

You're So Fine by KL&R2

You're So Fine by KL&R2


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KL&R2 "You're So Fine", is new release on the Quinn Records TM label.
You're So Fine",was orginally recorded by The Falcons in 1956, followed by
their biggest hit,I Found A Love,lead by the young Wilson Pickett. KL&R2
wanted to comemorate these Baby Boomers for making such a huge impact on
the Music history scene.Kevin Wheeler the lead vocalist for KL&R2 said the
Falcons was a big influence on him and his musical career and being the
third artist to cover (Chuck Jackson) this treasure cut,is a high point in
my career.

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Track Listing;
1.  You're So Fine,Kevin Wheeler 2:24
2.  Drown In My Own Tears,Kevin Wheeler 4:08
3.  Down In The Valley,Kevin Wheeler 3:16
4.  The Soul of A Man,Kevin Wheeler 4:08
5.  I GotMy Swag On,Kevin Wheeler 3:55
6.  Sweetness Is Her Weakness,Kevin Wheeler 3:21
7.  Can You Get Away,Kevin Wheeler 6.13
8.  Lets Go Party,Kevin Wheeler 4:18