Just Soul N' Blues

Just Soul N' Blues

Just Soul N' Blues


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Call it what you may, but when you put kl&r2,Mr.Party Time
Ernie Johnson,Prince Ronnie Love, James Gilbert and
Lil Aaron Mosby, all on the same ticket or CD like we did
at Quinn Records TM, you are going to get a down-right,
knock down, blown-out "Blues N' Soul"CONCERT right there in
your living room. Just Soul n' Blues is getting welcoming
arms at radio station all across the US. Real musicians,
drums and horns,lots of Soul went into the making of
Just Soul N' Blues for your listening pleasure.

Track Listing; (hover over title and listen to tracks)
1.Drown In My Own Tears,(KL&R2) 4:08
2.Last Night, (Lil Aaron Mosby) 7:11
3.There You Go,(Cletie  Milon) 4:06
4.Loving You, (Ernie Johnson)4:08
5.Voodoo Lady, (James Gilbert) 4:30
6.Somebody Said, (James Gilbert) 4:32
7.Crying In The Chapel, (Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson) 3:50
8. Do You Love Me-Not, (Oliver Johnson) 4:27
9. Oh Baby You Don't Have To Go, (Lil Aaron Mosby) 4:26