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Lots of instrumental versions of some of best and most familiar Christmas songs.

Christmas Must Be Love

Christmas Must Be Love

Christmas Must Be Love


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QR051134-1 (CD):16-tracks of Christmas songs both vocal and instrumentals by the great Oliver Johnson featured on the CD is his than,4 year old son "Alex," singing along with his papa to some Christmas Classics. The original songs by Oliver Johnson is,"Jingle Bell Jazz"and the title track,"Christmas Must Be Love". Lots of horns,bells,chimes,all of the ingredients that makes for a fine yule tide Christmas mood.Christmas Must Be Love.

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TRACK LISTING:(hover over suggested tracks, click and listen)

1. Christmas Must Be Love,(writer:Oliver Johnson) 3:35

2. White Christmas,Oliver Johnson, 3:42

3. Christmas In New Orleans,Oliver Johnson, 3:12

4. Jingle Bell Jazz,(writer: Oliver Johnson), 3:35

5. I'll Be Home For Christmas, Oliver Johnson, 3:19

6. Merry Christmas Baby, Oliver Johnson, 3:28

7. This Christmas, Oliver Johnson, 3:08

8. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas,Oliver Johnson 2:17

9. Winter Wonderland,Oliver Johnson, 2:54

10. Silver Bells,Oliver Johnson, 2:14

11. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,Oliver Johnson, 2:40

12. I'll Be Home For Christmas,instr.Oliver Johnson,2:20

13. Bells Will Be Ringing, Oliver Johnson, 4:29

14. Christmas Song, Oliver Johnson, 3:01

15. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,

instr.Oliver Johnson 3:25

16. Silent Night,instr.Oliver Johnson, 4:01