I'll Take Your Cross,by Carolyn Adams

I'll Take Your Cross,by Carolyn Adams

I'll Take Your Cross,by Carolyn Adams


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QR021116-1 (CD):Carolyn Adams was born on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tabago. She came from a stronge spiritual based family , which included seven children with her mother and father.It was discovered at an early age that Carolyn had a special gift from God, a beautiful singing voice however , being naturally shy, she didn't come into her own until she got to high school.During her senior year in high school she became the lead singer of a gospel trio named, " The Jewels,". They sang all over the country of Trinidad and Tobago, including some of the largest venues around. One of the highlights of her life was being the opening act for the great gospel artist; Shirley Ceaser and Al Greene both of whom headlinded in gospel extravganza in her hometown. Carolyn later migrated to the United States, where she continued composing and arranging songs and also performs in churches and concerts like Hope SDA Church, Faith Seventh Day Adventist Church, Trinity SDA and performed in concerts with the group called "Speaking Hands,". She was also featured on local Television Station Fox 61 News at 11:00 where the response to her new CD,"I'll Take Your Cross," was overwhelming and the CD is in rotation on many Radio Station through out the US.Carolyn has a message to tell to the World through songs about Christ and his love, all the trials he brought her through and the great promise of salvation that is awaiting us if we remain true to him."Nominated,"Best Gospel Artist,by The Hartford Advocate 2004"

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1. Dear God 3:59

2. They Asked The Question 5:04

3. I Met A Man 4:43

4. I'll Take Your Cross 3:14

5. You Placed A Ring On My Finger 4:12

6. I'm Free 3:58

7. Second Chance 4:03

8. I Strayed Far Away 4:22

9. The Hand 3:35

10. Wrapped Up In The Arms of Love 4:01

11. Hold On To Your Faith 4:31

12. I'll Try 3:51