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Making Music Is Our Way Of Making The World A Better Place.

Quinn Records™ is a creative multi-genre prerecorded music, publishing, and distribution company aimed at offering high-quality, high-tech, moderately priced, traditional, and contemporary music publisher catalog of blues, gospel, jazz, R & b, soul, techno, dance music using only the most familiar and popular formats, CDs, DVDs, digital downloads, mp3's, vinyl and streaming. Who through that, "Rock." in my  "Blues? We did, making new Blues music sounds, blended with a dash of old-school flavor. Our blues music albums are by recording blues artists who are keeping the blues alive.  Quinn Records TM's iconic slogan is                                   "Where the sound of blues, gospel, jazz and soul music is made.

Parent organization: Quinn Records TM Music Group-St. Louis

CEO: Dwight L. Quinn Sr. (Oct. 27, 1971)

Headquarters:  St. Louis, MO.

Subsidiaries:  Boogie City Music, Inner-American Properties.

Record label founded: Dwight Quinn


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