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Quinn Records TM was founded in 1971 by Dwight L. Quinn Sr., who's an avid music fan and record lover. 
His passion for artist development made Quinn Records TM the home for new upcoming artists like Lil Aaron Mosby, Rev. Anderson Sparks, The Masonic Quintet of Waukegan Illinois, The Divine Messengers, The Southern Harmonizers,Roy Page & The Spiritual Aires,The Kirkwood Spiritual Aires, Carolyn Adams,Carlina Q.Aldridge,Osee Anderson,
Nikki Cunningham,Mississippi Red,Chas.O.Collier & The Original Golden Aires of Cincinnati,Oliver Johnson,Jimmy Jones, Terry"Dewey" Williams, Melvin"Smokehouse"Moore, Prince Ronnie Love,MC Larry Moody,Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2, James Gilbert,Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson and many more. With over 47 years of recorded music history,Quinn Records TM
passion for business in music continues today.
Quinn Records TM has the largest multi-genre catalog of new prerecorded niche music i.e blues,gospel,jazz,soul music by new up and coming recording artists in St. Louis and the US. Quinn Records TM is an experienced  creative multi-genre prerecorded music, publishing, and distribution company. 
Its'aimed is to offer high quality, high tech, moderately priced, traditional and contemporary niched music publisher catalog of blues, gospel, jazz, soul, rnb,techno and dance music.

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