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I Got The Blues
Quinn Records TM
Six (6) tracks

While Kevin Wheeler may have been flying under the radar for many in the blues community, Kevin has been bitten by the Blues-bug and is working his way into the hearts and minds of Blues-lovers around the World. Like other well-known blues greats who grew to great heights in the blues business, Kevin Wheeler will tell you that music has always been a part of his life, fortified by a strong upbringing and background in the church that is still the meat and bread that fuels his musical career today a fact made clear as his story unfolds. Kevin since 2004 is credited with nine (9) CD releases on the Quinn Records TM label a milestone in any form of measurement for a break-through artist like Kevin, to add further to his recording credits he has one (1) gospel CD releases, under The Redemption Record label that lead Kevin and his group."The Divine Messengers to a first-time Grammy Nomination. But his latest project and a new release on the Quinn Records TM label titled, "I Got The Blues" has really gotten the Radio Blues Jocks talking and wanting to hear more of Kevin Wheeler with his striking blues vocal style and skills that are reminiscences to that real earlier blues sound, expressions and the telling of what was going on in their private lives. Kevin said that Blues is news, good, bad or ugly, but it's news that we all can use.  
Here is a brief bio of Kevin that I will like to share with you to help you to get to know Kevin a little bit better because he's definitely is becoming a new rising name in the Blues music markets.

Kevin Wheeler is the real deal. Born and raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Music runs in his family, his grandfather, the late Grant Williams III, who played the tenor saxophone in the Louis Armstrong band. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Kevin is a consummate seasoned performer with many songs and performances under his belt. As a young man, Kevin got his musical training in the traditional Baptist Church; In the late '70s, Kevin Wheeler was one of the founding members of (The Ayre Rayde band & show) from Maryland.  In the early '90s Kevin Wheeler founded and formed his own national gospel group (The Divine Messengers), shortly after, the group signed Albert Phillips & The Divine Messengers and recorded their first album entitled “Victory” under The Redemption Record label, which included the instant hit Victory, which vaulted the album to #18 on the Billboard charts. The album was a huge success, Kevin`s gospel group charted 3 additional times in the Billboard magazine, the group was also nominated for a Grammy award, Soul Train music award, Dove award, and many other awards.  Kevin Wheeler and his group was featured in the Library of Congress Gazette News, Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post newspaper, just to name a few. Later Kevin Wheeler went on to put together a national Blues/Soul/R&B group called (KL&R2 featuring Kevin Wheeler) under the Quinn Record label TM, Kevin recorded 8 albums on the Quinn Record label TM, which all of his albums gained national and international attention through land base radio, magazine, DJ`S Pools, digital radio, syndicated radio and television. The music industry calls Kevin a genuine triple threat” due to his prowess as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Kevin performs both solos and accompanied by the perfectly seasoned group of musicians who make up the Kevin Wheeler Band and always a crowd-pleaser.

Kevin's current project, I Got The Blues, has been released on Quinn Records TM Records label in the CD format. It was originally released in Australia, Netherland and Japan's blues Kevin wrote the songs and called his band together, and "I Got The Blues, was born. The band rocks it is with lead guitarist Keith Williams, Kevin Wheeler Jr. on drums, legendary bass player Lewis  Greenhowe, and Mike Bella rhythm guitar.

Kevin and his band will be returning to the studio after the easing up of this Pandemic to complete his next Blues album due for release this Summer on the Quinn Records TM label. The top song on Kevin's I Got The Blues CD according to Australian Radio Airplay is "Mistreated". The song “My Baby” is the favorite in the US, Canada, UK, Russia, and China. He is in awe of his I Got The Blues growing appeal. His I Got The Blues CD is gathering hoard's on fans in parts of Africa like Bhutan, Abuja, and Nigeria, so it looks as if Kevin and his band will soon be dealing with a bad case of jet-lag if his new release CD, I Got The Blues keeps this same growth trajectory. 
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Q-NEWS WHAT DO BLUES GOT TO DO WITH IT? writer Dave Wilson, March 19,2021

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