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New Releases & Staff Picks 9/23/2020

President Choice Team Picks

Beverly – Lil Aaron Remembers, The Last Employee

Larry – Come Thunder Come Lightning, Oliver Johnson

David – The Blues N' Red, Mississippi Red

Poppy – I Got The Blues, Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2

Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2 – I Got The Blues CD/EP +7"+MP3

Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2 have built a career out of playing music with his high pitched vocals, shredding lyrics, and the strangely optimistic melancholy that makes up the meat and potatoes of Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2.

I Got The Blues was recorded at The Sweet Spot Studio in Annandale Virginia with the help of mixing engineer Nico. The history and vibe of that setting laid the groundwork for what was to come. The band’s signature Freddie King's style blues riffs with souring  effort, heavy drumming by his sidekick son, Kevin Jr.,

lead guitar Keith  Williams, the deep mellow licks from Lewis Greenhowe bass guitar and Mike Bella rhythm guitar formulated a blues album capable of leaving blues lover’s shaking, in a time capsule of pleasure.

The resulting album is a thought-provoking headbanger that is the band’s most cohesive album to date.

[Limited edition picture disc vinyl pressing also available.]

Oliver Johnson ‎– Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right CD/LP+12"+MP3

Recently released on CD – soon to be available on Vinyl. Digitally mastered. “Oliver Johnson, singer, songwriter, musician and vocalist collaborating with his band, "Nite Train, "crew Henry Taylor, Nephew Davis, Dee Williams, and Sandy Benson is an album of straightforwardness, and blues songs so multi-layered and filled to the brim with intense excitement it ranks among the best albums Oliver has ever made” (Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right). Oliver's 2006 hit album titled, "Luv N' Thing gave him that

combined edge of being the first to introduce the trumpet of which is Oliver's signature instrument to the Blues and Soul music.

Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson – Drop It Like It's Hot CD/EP+7”+MP3

Poo-Poo Man, Drop It Like Its Hot is a funk and reggae blended highly musical remnant that finds his co-hart Funk music family of singer-songwriter addressing that blended sound that's breathing new life back into Funk. His fifth solo release on the

Quinn Records TM label bears the signs of his prolific output, the high energy, and a keen ear for a lyric in everyday conversation.

The album offers fun and dance to a party-people world, struggling to keep the party going. This is Gene Poo-Poo Man Andreson

at his most enjoying life and music, grappling's with that most pertinent of questions," where is the party."

Various Artists – 2 CD/LP (Go Slow Blues Crossing)

Intimate and laid back, this newly released blues 2-Disc CD Surround Sound recording featuring CDS recording artist Carl Marshal features blues harps, guitars, rocking bass licks smooth, soulful, and powerful vocals, new arrangements cover of earlier blues songs, taking you once again from the deep delta South and Southwest onwards to the bright lights and big cities.

Like many blues music lovers of yesterday and today generation, GO SLOW BLUES CROSSING has a passion for both the emphasize emotional

songwriting and atmospheres, of which our line-up of blues recording artists such as special guest Carl Marshal, James Gilbert, Oliver Johnson,

Lil Aaron Mosby, Mississippi Red, Melvin"Smokehouse" Moore, Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2, and Ernie Johnson are making happen in this Album.

Face-melting guitar stringing and chopping, harmonica asking questing sauteed with heart-wrenching blues, and garnished with deep soul lyrics

cautions you to, "GO SLOW BLUES CROSSING".

Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson – Back It Up On Me CD/LP +12"+MP3

The new album from whom we tagged as the hardest working man in Funk and Dance Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson, is an outpouring of guitars, reverbed shapes, echoey drums, and driving bass with a well-thumbed notebook of storylines. An eight-song of a straight line of songs suitably wrought tunes set against a wall of sound that builds to high energy workout of non-stop dancing for party-people.

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