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Born Aaron Mosby April 15th,1930 in Pine Bluff Arkansas, LiL Aaron spent almost 50+ years in the Blues Business working both as a Sideman for Sonny Boy Williams, Chuck Berry, Albert King and in later years he became the leader of the Eugene O'Neal Band operating and managing now his own band. As a Band Leader Lil Aaron made a name for himself playing and performing in some of East St. Louis and St.Louis most popular Blues night clubs and venues, Alongside blues music icons like, the late Ike & Tina Turner, Little Milton Campbell, Howling Wolf to name a few. In the early sixties Lil Aaron had the opportunity to record his first solo recording titled, "Going To East St.Louis," the song was later covered by his former drummer,Boo Boo Davis. In the Spring of 2000, my younger brother the late Clarence E. Quinn met me at the McDonalds located in East St.Louis where the members of our Breakfast Club met each morning. My brother handed me a cassette tape and told me that I needed to listen to this person and see what I can do for him so I took the cassette tape and agreed to listen to it. I knew of Lil Aaron because he was also was a regular at the McDonalds. After listening to the tape given to me by my brother earlier that day, I was honestly blown away by this original Blues sound, with its' guitar fingering, picking and pushing of strings that mimic the soulful feelings being vocalized and the thumping, strings, pulling and popping lickes from the bass guitar that held the rhythm in place, while the blues harmonica kept testifying to the message being vocalized by Lil Aaron's ruff and gritty vocals that belted out Southern pronunciations, that communicated the song in the way only Blues is done. The authenticity of this sound coming from the tape took me back to my teenage days growing up in East St.Louis where hearing this same original style blues sound coming from the nightclubs was a norm. The next morning I met with Lil Aaron to learn more about him and his music. But the very first thing that I picked up on was that Lil Aaron was very easy to talk too, he had an aire of comfort about himself. He was quite kind and seem to be a very gentle person. That became a lasting impression for me. Lil Aaron began to tell me about his experience as a working musician playing in the local clubs and venues. Also about his on-the road adventures as a side man with his then Blues bosses. He told me about his life long friend Riley Coatie Morgan whom he spoke very highly of. Lil Aaron gave Riley Coatie the credit for teaching him how to play the bass guitar which by the way is Lil Aaron's signature instrument. Lil Aaron who was now 70 years old, told me the only thing that he wanted was to have an Album of his own made, he was so sincere about this hope, I had to come aboard and help make this happen for him. So the next day I had the pleasure of meeting Riley Coatie Morgan, and as it turned out like my first meeting with Lil Aaron this meeting with Riley Coatie had me even more hyped listening to a history that only these two Blues guru could tell. And out of that meeting, LiL Aaron Remembers,"The Last Employee,"was born. Lil Aaron and Riley decided that every song chosen for the album with the exception of three tracks,"Tore Up," "Somebody Have Mercy," and Going To East St.Louis," will be commemorating his side man days employed by those Blues icons. So,came Friday of that same week of our enlightening meeting, we were in the John Oliver Studio, in St. Louis, Missouri when another mind blowing experience by these two blues masters was witnessed again this time by me, my assistant and by another St. Louis Recording Artist and icon "David Dee (Going Fishing)". The project was for thirteen songs, booking time was for three hours, when the Engineer gave the greenlight to Lil Aaron and Riley these guys had went through all thirteen tracks, non-stop, no breaks no mistakes in less than than 65 minutes, unbelievable the recording was over, done. When Lil Aaron came out of the room, I asked him how in the world did they do that, he set down in a stair next the recording room and shakes his head signaling that he didn't know, his hands was trembling and he seemed a bit nervous, so I asked him what was the matter, he looked up at me and said, that this was the first time in his entire career that he had song without having a drank, I picked up on his feelings and I said wow here's another milestone accomplishment in this amazing partnership. With the recording project now completed, "Shake For Me" was chosen as the lead track in this debut album on the Quinn Records TM label. The covered song was made famous by the late great Howling Wolf, whom LiL Aaron knew, admired and performed as a sideman in the Wolf Band for a short time. The Album recorded for Quinn Records TM was titled, LiL Aaron Remembers, The Last Employee, commemorating well over 50 years of Lil Aaron's Blues experience as both a Side Man and Band Leader. Each one of the Tracks on the Album was one of Aaron former bosses, like Albert King,Howling Wolf,Sonny Boy Williams, Chuck Berry and of course LiL Aaron's 1960 Hit single Going To East St. Louis, as mentioned before was covered by Boo-Boo Davis on the Black N' Tan Label. Aaron passed away in 2008, but he left us with fun memories and tons of musical wisdom and history that I and my staff treasures very much til this very day. We are proud to have captured these two original pioneer of Blues, its a sound of labor and love, that will continue to alive today and alive well into the tomorrows.. End: "Where the sound of blues, gospel, jazz and soul is made"...




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