PayPal Tracking Code: This Month’s New Releases & President Choice Picks – 8/24/2019

This Month’s New Releases & President Choice Picks – 8/24/2019


Blues – Shake For Me, Lil Aaron

Gospel – Power, The Divine Messengers

Jazz – Jazz On Washington Ave., Oliver Johnson

Soul – Come To Me, Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore

R&B - S.O.S., Prince Ronnie Love

Hip Hop- – India The Dancing Queen, MC Larry Moody

Techno - Electric Jump Party, Champoo-poo People

Funk - Boom- Boom Pow-Pow, Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson

Reggae - Drop It Like Its' Hot, Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson


Kevin Wheeler & R2 – Be Careful What You Looking For (pre-order)


Oliver Johnson – Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right CD/EP/Cassette (Polyvinyl)

Working to keep the“blues alive” in America, Oliver Johnson, features crying-string, moaning-home guitars (“Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right”), thundering horns, string & organ arrangements (“Do You Love Not”, “Daydreaming Again”), and incredible production that showcases songwriter, producer, and creative force Dwight Quinn’s evolving skills in the studio (“Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right”).

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right presents an exciting glimpse into Dwight’s creative process and solidifies his undeniable progression as one of 2019’s strongest and gifted songwriters. [Indie exclusive colored vinyl available].

Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson – Back It Up On Me CD/LP (Dance/Funk)

Back It Up On Me sees Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson at the height of his creative output, as the always-evolving Gene Poo-Poo Man Anderson take various influences from post funk and rock to create one of 2019’s most compelling and infectious records.

The album is full of layered sonic fury and anxiety, each song building up to a point and then descending through a party-fun, catchy hook. Overall, Back It Up On Me marks a milestone for this former P-Funkster who have stayed true to himself as performer,songwriters throughout massive sonic growth and a storied career.

[Limited indie store exclusive colored vinyl pressing available.]


KEVIN WHEELER & R2 – Be Careful What You Looking For (get your pre-orders in now!)


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