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What Do The Blues - Got To Do With It

“The blues by definition was and always will be black American working-class music.” (Like Bonner, O’Neal and van Singel are white.)

I ran across this fantastic article titled,"Keeping The Blues Alive" by smithsonianmag

2016, and I want to share it with you. I relate to some of the things the author is

talking about in this article , I would like to have your feedback to my question after

you read this article, Q -"Where Is Blues Music Headed"?

The word “blues” first appeared on sheet music in 1908, with the publication of “I Got the Blues.” The composer, ironically, was a Sicilian-born barber—he later told an interviewer that he came up with the song after wandering the levee in New Orleans and hearing “an elderly Negro with a guitar playing three notes.” In 1920, Mamie Smith made the genre’s first vocal recording, a piece called “Crazy Blues.” It sold over a million copies in its first year. During the 1930s and ’40s, the folklorist Alan Lomax traveled through the Mississippi Delta, interviewing and recording blues players wherever he could find them, from churches to prisons. Many of these musicians never made another recording. Some, including Lead Belly and Muddy Waters, went on to have huge careers.

Do you know or have a little Blues history to share, if so then lets us know I qould enjoy

youe feedback.

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