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This is Dwight/Quinn Records TM, thanks for visiting with us! Please add your Radio Station and your service preferences to our New Radio Servicing Program I would love to have our music sent to you in the way that you prefer to receive it. I created this system for us to better serve you and to put a STOP to sending out music and formats that is not what you want. Our New "Bullseye Radio Servicing System puts you the Radio Professional in control. Tell me what you want and tell me how you want it. Sign up.

E-mail address:  If possible please use an e-mail address that is clearly affiliated with the station (listed on the station's website or linked to the same domain as the website).

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Please select at least 1 genre. These genres will be used to show you releases of interest on our site and to notify you of new releases via e-mail.

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Update frequency

Based on your plugging genres we will keep you updated on our new releases available for airplay. Here you can set whether you want to receive those updates immediately, every week, or every other 2 weeks.

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